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About  Us

AWA Foundation (Animation West Africa)

Watchword : Attitude and Integrity.




Born out of the desire to see the West African Computer graphics (CG) and Interactive media industry evolve to match the wealth of skill and potential skills available, in 2008 the founder Debo aka 'Sen' as known to many, over the time received several known and unknown people contacting him often times while in Capetown, South Africa asking for directions and mentorship from him due to their perception of his insights and understanding of the industry, this relationships made him see a gap that needs to be filled and bridged, a gap between the assumed levels of skill and the acceptable skill level based on global standard and so led to seek attention from various industry practitioners and then create such a platform with the sole aim of showcasing and developing his own industry, this move will also bafford us to offer economically sustainable quality services where required.

However not until 2009 that the founder really connected a few like minded fellas at different times and under different circumstances and who also come from the same region to work together with and having sold the idea to as many as will understand it, the initiative and passion for Animation West Africa Foundation really began to take shape. While we understand that a lot of things would take shape more, we are where we are today and we keep looking forward as an industry.

Debo  Adeaga

Chief Servant and Creative Director

Debo known as Sen has been part of the AWA Foundation Community since the beginning as the Founder although considers himself to function better when in the role of a Chief Servant.

 Having studied Information Management in UK and equipped with hands-on computer graphics and animation industry experience working in Capetown, he has along the line realised the need to support the local industries with the right kind of support and the result is AWA Foundation.

About  the  founder
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