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Support in your own way

AWA Foundation could be dissected  under many designations in  the creative industry in West Africa; by studios and individual artists who could be  professionals,  students and hobbyists,  VFX experts and animators both 2d and 3d or motion graphics artists etc.

All of them can be from any of the 15 countries in West Africa but are united by the desire to have get help in further developing their local industries, prominent among them are Nigeria and Ghana.

The Animation West Africa Foundation supports and facilitates these goals in little way at the moment but we wish to do it better and wider reaching,  you can assist us further using donations and monthly support and by this  we can enable a handful of people to work in a dedicated manner for towards these  aims.

We also will need  volunteers services in just about any possible ways, even the ones we do not yet know ourselves. The very little helps!

Upcoming Projects and Needs
  • Animathlon - 72hrs  Indie  Shorts Project

  • Animation  Festival/Screening

  • Industry Inducement Prize Reward 

  • Animated Short - Bicycle

  • Sponsor Founder's  Wages

  • Reward Sponsorship - AWAChallenge 

Why not join crowdfund an ongoing project or need here

 Crowdfunding Campaign

Here you can donate  a one off to suport us via paypal


Here you can do a monthly support to  us via paypal

AWA Foundation
Support Fund

Prefer direct bank transfers?

Bank Account

Bank -  Barclays  Bank

Name - Animation West Africa

Acct Num - 53216012

Sort code - 202543

IBAN - GB73 BARC 2025 4353 2160 12


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